About Ascent Career Analytics

Ascent Career Analytics was created in 2010 from our perception of industry’s need to match the right kind of candidates for a specific job. We saw about us, a discernible lack in the ability to discern a candidate’s skills and potential.

After working for over seven years in business development, mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, strategy implementation with banking and insurance industries in domestic and international markets, I observed a certain gap in the quality of resources.

Armed with a double post-graduate degree in business management and international business from Pune University, I felt confident that I could fill this need faced by industries in finding the right candidate for the job, as well as help employees find that all-elusive job satisfaction.

I decided to take my insights and experience in dynamic markets and economic conditions and put them to use in screening candidates and providing staffing solutions that give the best solution to both the employer and the employee.

Our head hunting skills are exceptional, in that we process each case with clarity, by clearly defining a job profile, before trying to line up a queue of suitable candidates. This gives us a unique advantage in terms of matching the right candidate to the job.

We follow an approach that is unique to each clients because every assignment is customized and not just an off-the-shelf solution. Our flexible costs, in turn, have made us a client favourite.

We also follow a client-centric approach based on relationship building that gives us the best understanding of the client’s needs and their work environment. We invest our time and resources in clearly understanding what a company, its brand, industry and presence are all about.

A panel of senior industry consultants provides us with expertise and professional backgrounds in a range of business domains. We also have access to an exhaustive resume databank of candidates that makes it easier to source the best ones for the job.

With our use of key recruitment tools, timely follow-ups and reporting and focus on confidentiality, we have completed many assignments in domestic and international markets to the delight of both the client and candidate.

In the last year, we have become well known as a human resources management company for the West Zone with outstanding banking and insurance recruitments. We are now rapidly expanding to include the North Zone and East Zone markets.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are your partner in success. We believe that the process of sourcing the right candidate is an act of partnership with clients and work closely, as an extension of your office, to provide you with the decisive and dedicated support you need to find the right people for your organisation. We understand your deepest needs and strive to deliver what you require.

We believe in integrity and will never promise what we cannot deliver. Ours is a demanding business where we are expected to set high standards and meet our client’s expectations and we do our best to represent our clients to candidates and vice versa, with the utmost honesty and sincerity.

We maintain confidentiality for all parties and accord the highest respect to the critical information that we have been entrusted with. We will never betray the client’s trust on the matter of confidential information.

Our work skills, in terms of the search methodology we use, is second to none. One of our strong points is that we have a supervisory board and advisory group with a strong functional consultant on board. You’ll find we also excel in terms of professionalism, authenticity, simplicity and speed of execution, service excellence, innovation and creativity, openness and transparency.

There’s no one better when it comes to understanding the client organization, mapping position specific competencies, developing a search target plan, industry or company – mapping, people mapping, evaluation, interviews, reference check and post recruitment follow up.