Careers @ Ascent

We offer two options to our employees. The first is a fill-time work option and the second is a work from home option.

Work from Home with Ascent.

If you decide to take on a work from home position with Ascent, you can look forward to complete database support, client interaction and communication along with profit sharing as one of the benefits.

This option is especially suitable to women who have left the corporate world to shoulder the burden of familial responsibilities. If you have good skill sets, we will help you put your skills to work so you can add value to our company in the work timings that suit you.

With Ascent, you can work from home, continuing to put your family first, arrange breaks according to your family’s needs and eliminate the need for employing a childcare provider or putting your child in a daycare facility. Imagine being able to work while being with your children when they fall sick or when they need help with homework.

With our flexible work hours, you can be there for your family when they need you without missing out on any of those early days that are so important to your child’s well-being. You can also avail flexible paid time off and select the days you want off, while earning for 4 weeks every month.

Imagine having a job that moves when you do. Should you have to relocate, you can still continue to work wherever you are. It doesn’t matter where you work from, whether from your home, on travel, someone else’s house or even a coffee shop as long as you are capable and goal oriented.

Full Time Work Options with Ascent

At Ascent, we offer full-time work options that are second to none in the recruitment industry. Besides the fact that we conduce exceptional training for new recruits, we offer you the benefits of fast career growth, a great working environment, real time experience on the job and a sense of ownership about your work.

You will also benefit from domain training from people who have worked in industry to give you an edge over other workers in this field. Come to Ascent, where your career graph only shows an upward curve and we will help you become the best in the industry.