Search Metholodgy

Search Metholodgy

We follow a structured, systematic, detailed and target oriented approach to executive search and selection. This involves an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs.

Our process includes a post recruitment follow-up with both client and candidate to assess the success of the search and recruitment procedure.

Our search methodology follows the step-by-step approach outlined below.

1.Understanding Your Organization and Requirements.

We first start with an effort to understand your organisation structure, culture and expectations from the candidate, as well as your organisation's growth plans.

2. Mapping position

We then go on to map the specific competencies unique to the position to be advertised, including all expectations and deliverables from the candidate.

3. Developing a Sourcing Strategy

Our sourcing strategy includes targeting of suitable candidates, one of the assets being our vast database of candidates, as well as working out all other modes of sourcing, including advertising.

4. Establishing Contact

We then contact suitable candidates and apprise them of the opportunity in order to elicit and ascertain their interest in the position available.

5. Telephonic / personal interviewing

The next step involves rounds of telephonic as well as personal interviews with short-listed candidates. We also coordinate between the client and the candidate to schedule interviews.

6. Follow-Up

Once the candidate has joined the company, we conduct a round of post-joining follow-ups with the client and the candidate to ensure a smooth transition for both and to elicit feedback about the success of the recruitment process.