Head Hunting

Head Hunting

As expert headhunters, we pride ourselves on having the knowledge, common sense, perseverance, organisation, creativity, confidence and networking skills required to be successful in this challenging field.

We also acquire niche skills or call in experts, when the job requirements are very specific. We make it our business to acquire knowledge about the client’s exact requirements, the client’s business, industry and the people, projects and processes in the company we are recruiting for.

Our common sense skills help us ascertain whether we are tapping the right industry, the right people, at the right time and in the right place. Our perseverance comes from the intense desire that creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents.

Our conversation skills ensure that we are introducing ourselves in the right manner, using the right words when making calls and closing the conversation at the right time. We also ensure that we ask questions that are to-the-point and designed to get the answers we need.

Our networking skills help us establish genuine relationships with other professionals. We also make it a point to join associations, talk to new people, talk to people you know, and to people they know. We follow up with our connections regularly to keep all avenues of communication open on a continual basis.

Our skills in organisation help us ensure that each and every call is documented and records of important names and numbers are maintained. We also document research findings for future reference and ensure that we are able to retrieve the information whenever it is needed in the future.

Our skills in process flow allow us to map companies where similar skills are available, get in touch with candidates from these companies, present their CVs to our clients and then schedule the profiles that have been shortlisted by the client. We ensure more closures with this process.